#FloresRewards Does Not Live by Bread Alone

In the vein of some of our previous “highlight” blog posts, I thought I would write up and feature some of my favorite “suit up against savagery” pics from the Savage, Lands Feat of Strength. The task was to suit up with a piece of bread (I personally brandished a waffle in mine), and the #FloresRewards community ran with it brilliantly.

I think that this was actually our best Feat of Strength so far.

I mean if there is one thing I learned, it’s that #FloresRewards fans look good.


Y’all can be a good looking cadre of em effers.

So anyway, here are five or six of my favorite entries; we’ll announce the big winners at the end, as well.

Paul Jordan

Most of you know that Paul is one of my best friends. I was his best man; I recruited him to write at TCGPlayer; we have teamed on the Pro Tour together. Well, in this case he was if I recall the first entrant into the Savage, Lands Feat of Strength… and his entry set the bar. I guess I was kind of a goofball with my waffle, but Paul got metaphorically clever with his bread. As the first entrant he helped set the tone of other people being clever… and it’s like the man said: a beatdown Benjy really is the best bread in the world.

Billy Staton

I love how Billy adhered to the regular-ness of the bread clause… But mixed in the shuffling part of the first part of the Savage, Lands video. It’s almost like a visual pun.

Joey Pasco

In the WTF category, we have bread noir entry by Yo MTG Taps co-host (and former winner) Joey Pasco. I know I said that the #FloresRewards army is a good looking one, but… did I mention “WTF” yet? Joey really ain’t this good looking. I’ve met him! But like they say, the camera doesn’t lie. So apparently the man who is making a name for himself with Internet radio is actually better looking than the average HBO tv star.

You heard it here first.

Thea Steele

In the Star City Internet superstar category, shout outs and high fives to Thea Steele.

I was pretty sure Thea would savage cheat the “I was already dressed up” with some kind of cake loophole… and she did not disappoint. Wedding pictures count! High fives, many congratulations, et cetera, ad infinitum 😉

For five #FloresRewards, give a belated wedding congrats high five to @wmap on Twitter!

Jim Baker

In the not-last of this post’s Jace, the Mind Sculptor references, we have Jim Baker. He’s dressed up; wearing Blue. There is bread. It’s an homage to Jace, the Mind Sculptor. What’s not to love?

… and then we have the best picture in the history of #FloresRewards (or at least that’s what I said at the time):

Steven Corrigan

This one you can click to see full size.

I am just in love with the effort here. It has everything we were looking for. It has suiting up. It has bread.

… and it has story.

Steven weaves together the notion of the bread with the cheating from the beginning of the video. It’s strip poker. It’s savagery. It’s Photoshop at a level that… Well… Better Photoshop than your old buddy YT knows.

love Love LOVE

So especially because I didn’t do a video / Feat of Strength last week, I am just snap-rewarding Steven with one of the remaining Scars of Mirrodin dual land sets. Joey already shotgunned Copperline Gorge and Dexter has Seachrome Coast coming; but Steven, you’ve got your pick of one of the remaining three dual lands.

But we have to give away Magic cards!

One prize isn’t enough!

I ran a drawing with a 25 #FloresRewards threshold, and the other winner is…

Daniel Brenner

Daniel claims to have 95 #FloresRewards… but now he’s got doughnut. Steven… Your precious 131 #FloresRewards are now bagel.

Enjoy your dual lands, guys.

And hit me up on Twitter (@fivewithflores or @floresrewards), Facebook, wherever to let me know which ones you want.

In summary:

  • Steven Corrigan won a special #FloresRewards arbitrary dual lands prize on account of having an awesome Feat of Strength picture
  • Daniel Brenner won a 25-point threshold #FloresRewards drawing for some Darkslick Shores or whatever
  • Both of them are annihilated to 0 #FloresRewards
  • The upcoming Feat of Strength is just your Halloween costume pic… Let’s get cracking at http://bit.ly/FloresRewards (aka the Facebook page)
  • Somebody is going to win a Jace, the Mind Sculptor … Even if you are brand new there are enough #FloresRewards opportunities this month to mise the pitiful 51 #FloresRewards for the Jace, the Mind Sculptor drawing (or if you are Joey Pasco, to Rebuild your once plentiful #FloresRewards coffers)
  • Speaking of which, you can topdeck five just by congratulating the DarkSteele newlywed on the Twitter.

That’s it!


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