Last Day for Season One

Happy Halloween, etc.

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day for Season One of #FloresRewards and tomorrow we are drawing for the last Scars of Mirrodin dual lands and the Season One grand prize of Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

As a reminder the current Feat of Strength is simply to post a pic of yourself at our Facebook home ( in your Halloween costume!

Me, as Connor Kent

In other news Steven Corrigan and Dan Brenner both attempted a first pick¬†Darkslick Shores /¬†second pick Razorverge Thicket… So because Steven asked first, he is gunning Darkslick Shores and young Daniel gets Razorverge Thicket. That leaves Blackcleave Cliffs as tomorrow’s runner up prize.c

Anyway, good luck and happy costuming to everyone on this most sugar-laden of holidays.

Summary of Stuffs:

  • Halloween Costume Feat of Strenth – 15 #FloresRewards
  • Blackcleave Cliffs point threshold – 21 #FloresRewards
  • Season One closing Jace, the Mind Sculptor point threshold – 51 #FloresRewards


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1 comment so far ↓

#1 bigjimid on 11.01.10 at 4:13 pm

Sweet pumpkin! Is that a Flores custom or an internet photo? Cause if it’s all you, WOW, tip of the hat Mike!

Also, sad to have it all come to an end. Any idea as to when next season may start? Or possibly some other event in the mean time?