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Welcome to Season Two of #FloresRewards

As some of you know, I am once again full of Poison Counters / infect / horrible-ness.

Which is partially to blame for our sluggish start to Season Two.

Anyway, the first Feat of Strength video is short and sweet:

In case you missed the prizes, these are the results for the Savage, Lands bit:

and Season One big prize — Jace, the Mind Sculptor — went to Eric Yoshizuka

Jace, the Mind Sculptor winner, Eric Yoshizuka

Well, enough about yesterday! Let’s get going with the next stage!


  • One suggestion RE: something you are good at “with visual aid”, or
  • Five suggestions in a list (I am going to follow up on mine in blog post form)

… Either way, 15 #FloresRewards

You have until November 15, 2010 to accomplish this mission. Oh, who am I kidding with that deadline?

How you can TopDeck three #FloresRewards RIGHT NOW:

  1. Share and Enjoy – to Facebook (1)
  2. Share and Enjoy – to Twitter (1)
  3. “Like” the video on Facebook (1)

Up next… What that picture means, part 1.


#FloresRewards Does Not Live by Bread Alone

In the vein of some of our previous “highlight” blog posts, I thought I would write up and feature some of my favorite “suit up against savagery” pics from the Savage, Lands Feat of Strength. The task was to suit up with a piece of bread (I personally brandished a waffle in mine), and the #FloresRewards community ran with it brilliantly.

I think that this was actually our best Feat of Strength so far.

I mean if there is one thing I learned, it’s that #FloresRewards fans look good.


Y’all can be a good looking cadre of em effers.

So anyway, here are five or six of my favorite entries; we’ll announce the big winners at the end, as well.

Paul Jordan

Most of you know that Paul is one of my best friends. I was his best man; I recruited him to write at TCGPlayer; we have teamed on the Pro Tour together. Well, in this case he was if I recall the first entrant into the Savage, Lands Feat of Strength… and his entry set the bar. I guess I was kind of a goofball with my waffle, but Paul got metaphorically clever with his bread. As the first entrant he helped set the tone of other people being clever… and it’s like the man said: a beatdown Benjy really is the best bread in the world.

Billy Staton

I love how Billy adhered to the regular-ness of the bread clause… But mixed in the shuffling part of the first part of the Savage, Lands video. It’s almost like a visual pun.

Joey Pasco

In the WTF category, we have bread noir entry by Yo MTG Taps co-host (and former winner) Joey Pasco. I know I said that the #FloresRewards army is a good looking one, but… did I mention “WTF” yet? Joey really ain’t this good looking. I’ve met him! But like they say, the camera doesn’t lie. So apparently the man who is making a name for himself with Internet radio is actually better looking than the average HBO tv star.

You heard it here first.

Thea Steele

In the Star City Internet superstar category, shout outs and high fives to Thea Steele.

I was pretty sure Thea would savage cheat the “I was already dressed up” with some kind of cake loophole… and she did not disappoint. Wedding pictures count! High fives, many congratulations, et cetera, ad infinitum πŸ˜‰

For five #FloresRewards, give a belated wedding congrats high five to @wmap on Twitter!

Jim Baker

In the not-last of this post’s Jace, the Mind Sculptor references, we have Jim Baker. He’s dressed up; wearing Blue. There is bread. It’s an homage to Jace, the Mind Sculptor. What’s not to love?

… and then we have the best picture in the history of #FloresRewards (or at least that’s what I said at the time):

Steven Corrigan

This one you can click to see full size.

I am just in love with the effort here. It has everything we were looking for. It has suiting up. It has bread.

… and it has story.

Steven weaves together the notion of the bread with the cheating from the beginning of the video. It’s strip poker. It’s savagery. It’s Photoshop at a level that… Well… Better Photoshop than your old buddy YT knows.

love Love LOVE

So especially because I didn’t do a video / Feat of Strength last week, I am just snap-rewarding Steven with one of the remaining Scars of Mirrodin dual land sets. Joey already shotgunned Copperline Gorge and Dexter has Seachrome Coast coming; but Steven, you’ve got your pick of one of the remaining three dual lands.

But we have to give away Magic cards!

One prize isn’t enough!

I ran a drawing with a 25 #FloresRewards threshold, and the other winner is…

Daniel Brenner

Daniel claims to have 95 #FloresRewards… but now he’s got doughnut. Steven… Your precious 131 #FloresRewards are now bagel.

Enjoy your dual lands, guys.

And hit me up on Twitter (@fivewithflores or @floresrewards), Facebook, wherever to let me know which ones you want.

In summary:

  • Steven Corrigan won a special #FloresRewards arbitrary dual lands prize on account of having an awesome Feat of Strength picture
  • Daniel Brenner won a 25-point threshold #FloresRewards drawing for some Darkslick Shores or whatever
  • Both of them are annihilated to 0 #FloresRewards
  • The upcoming Feat of Strength is just your Halloween costume pic… Let’s get cracking at http://bit.ly/FloresRewards (aka the Facebook page)
  • Somebody is going to win a Jace, the Mind Sculptor … Even if you are brand new there are enough #FloresRewards opportunities this month to mise the pitiful 51 #FloresRewards for the Jace, the Mind Sculptor drawing (or if you are Joey Pasco, to Rebuild your once plentiful #FloresRewards coffers)
  • Speaking of which, you can topdeck five just by congratulating the DarkSteele newlywed on the Twitter.

That’s it!


Five With Thank Yous

And by “five” I mean eight. Originally I was only going to put five of my favorite submissions from the “Thank You” Feat of Strength, but there were just too many great ones to cut so slim.

So per my blog post earlier this week — or is it last week at this point? — I am just catching back up on #FloresRewards stuff.

Last week was a monster with the TCGPlayer tournament eating up both my weekend days; this week States actually gobbled up one of them, but I need to get back to my peeps.

I will have a new Feat of Strength video with tons of details for the last month of the first season up tomorrow-ish; but for now I figured I should announce the winner of those last four Fauna Shamans.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone for your “Thank You” Feats of Strength. Just because I didn’t highlight you in this post doesn’t mean that I didn’t think that your “Thank You” was fabulous. Usually when people say that it’s a kiss off, but in this case, 100% true; I promise.

Here are a handful of our favorites.

Steven Scott Showers:

Steven made a deck for his brother as a “Thank You” for giving him his car. I mean mise. Mise car, that is. Plus, this is a Magic: The Gathering-related blog, right? This one is a cute hybrid of Grove of the Burnwillows + Punishing Fire combo and Goblin Guide and “your opponent’s face” combo.

Dexter Stevens:

What’s great about this one is that Dexter did something that — I assume — the dog loved / would love. Who cares what we love? I loved it for that reason.

Gabriel Gutierrez Saldate:

Gabriel actually contacted me to find out if I liked penguins. In fact, as a grade-school kiddo, I had the nickname “penguin” … Great creativity on this one. My kids love bento by the way.

Steven Corrigan:

This one is super simple; but I absolutely adored the shapes and composition. It’s like the final table at Top Chef when they talk about something simple and good being perfect. Steven’s Feat of Strength was one of my absolute favorites.

David Mantel:

My wifey loved this one. Fabulous winks, David.

Voltaire Abaya:

Initially I didn’t know what the hell was going on in this one. Apparently this is [previous challenge] winner Abaya’s “Thank You” for Who’s the Beatdown, the Philosophy of Fire, and Deckade. So different from all the other submissions; more than worth a mention.

Thea Steele:

Thea was all gearing up for her wedding, and was understandably a day or so late on her submission; so as excellent as her silkscreening was, I didn’t think it was fair to consider her for the win… But I wanted to mention it anyway because I thought it was so cool.

So who won?

None other than Bighead Joe from Yo! MTG Taps!

Joe works at a store, and unbelievably made FNM free as a “Thank You” to his local community. As you know #FloresRewards is all about community building and doing cool stuff… and this is about as community-building and cool, and Magical as I can think of.

Joe “Bighead Joe” Panuska:

(You can click the above to see Joe’s freebie email — and notice of the 10,000 unread emails in his inbox — in greater detail.)

Great job on this one, Bighead buddy.

Late this week:

  • The long-awaited next video + Feat of Strength
  • The winner of Hero of Fiction
  • Rules and prizes for the rest of the month (they will be awesome)
  • And we get to those reader responses! I can’t wait to dig into the community-created content πŸ™‚


(and love all of you, too)

Slow Motion, More Points, and Stuff

“You’re giving away a set of Baneslayer Angels? Heck, I’ll join!”
-Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall

A couple of updates…

I just wanted to share a pic from this week’s Feat of Strength from the Facebook page:

Eric Theiss

Eric Theiss, who is currently deployed to Iraq, shared this creative take on the Shake Shack / burger Feat of Strength. He asked if he could get the full 12 points for “Shiekh” Shack, but that wasn’t the rules… So no.

On the other hand, this pic was the very definition of above and beyond the call of duty — so much so that Brian David-Marshall himself called it out to me — that I granted Eric an extra five #FloresRewards as a bonus.

To check out Eric’s pic and all the crazy stuff your fellow #FloresRewards fans have been doing, check out the Facebook page at http://bit.ly/FloresRewards

Speaking of scoring points and the Facebook page and all that jazz, I decided to clarify our next prize drawing, and move it back a week. We are still going to give away a play set of Baneslayer Angels! Never fear! We’re just not doing it this week. Part of that is because I need a little space, but the greater part is because I wanted to be more inclusive and let more people get into the party. We launched #FloresRewards Spoilers over a holiday weekend, and I’m sure that affected some players’ chances of participating this week. Various friends have expressed to me that they felt they were already too far behind… But we want lots of love here at #FloresRewards! So I decided to move back the Baneslayer Angel drawing until next week to give new fans a chance to pick up some points. So basically, you no longer have any excuse, Paul.

I’ll draw on the 18th or 19th (next weekend), thusly:

I am not sure what the higher point total will be. If I did it this week, I would set the bar at 31 points (we have between 10-20 players at this point total right now). So probably I will have it at 41 points next week.

We will still have a full Feat of Strength this week and various interaction / RT / etc. opportunities to score some random additional points.

Case in point…

I have a couple of ideas for the next Feat of Strength. Which would you prefer for this weekend?

  1. Celebrity Crushes
  2. Physiology

Vote in the comments of this blog post by midnight September 11 with your preference. Every vote gets 1 #FloresRewards point; if you are on the winning team (i.e. you voted for Celebrity Crushes and we go with Celebrity Crushes, say), you get 2 #FloresRewards instead. Easy, right?

Last thing – Since we are pushing back the Baneslayer Angel drawing, I am also pushing back the deadline on the burgers, et al Feat of Strength. It was supposed to be tonight, but give yourself another week and see if you can do something as awesome as Eric did (so a new end date of September 17).

So, to summarize everything in this post…

  • Eric Theiss showed you how to creatively earn 5 extra #FloresRewards
  • We are moving back the Baneslayer Angel drawing by one week (plus clarification on the contest rules)
  • This week’s Feat of Strength is either Celebrity Crushes or Physiology – Vote for 1-2 #FloresRewards
  • If you haven’t done the burger challenge yet, you have another week

That’s it!


#FloresRewards Facebook Failure

So tonight I spontaneously ran out an opportunity for a couple of #FloresRewards.

Click the “Like” button on the Facebook group of the first video.

Seems simple enough, right?

I mean the Like Button is not only one of the core sources of Facebook’s infectious — some might even say viral — success, it has spawned such popular websites as http://LikeButton.me (one of the core sources of my relevance and topicality on Twitter… but don’t tell anyone).

Seems simple enough, right?

Apparently not!

When your Fellow #FloresRewards fans [or you, yourself, I guess.. I have no idea who “you” are] went to click that Like Button, they (or, I guess “you”) got this annoying error:



I, for one, didn’t think it was “Okay”. I wanted to shell out some #FloresRewards tonight!

What are we going to do?

Make lemonade, of course!

I wanted to get some comments on the blog anyway πŸ™‚

Here is the procedure:

  1. Register to write a comment on this post.
  2. Ask me a question.
  3. That’s it.

I am running Flores Rewards the same way I run Five; basically you have to register to post comments, but once you have had a comment approved, you can go ahead and write more comments.

Anyone who posts a question by end of the day Friday (that would be midnight September 3, 2010) gets three #FloresRewards. This is actually an upgrade from the original “Like the video” #FloresRewards … We were only going to ship two for those.

If I like your question and decide to pick it and answer it in the next video, you instead get five #FloresRewards. I don’t know how popular this is going to be but let’s say I will pick a maximum of five such five-star five-point questions (in honor of, you know, Five).

So what kind of questions can you ask?

Basically anything interesting you think I have an interesting opinion on. Probably Magic: The Gathering-related, but that is not necessary. I am opinionated on lots of topics, and fairly well read. Please let’s keep the questions PG-13, shall we?

Thanks for your patience.

Remember: I didn’t screw up. em effin Facebook did.


(aka em eff)

P.S. Normally I don’t care about this stuff but for #FloresRewards tracking purposes, please sign your name. Thanks!