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Welcome to Season Two of #FloresRewards

As some of you know, I am once again full of Poison Counters / infect / horrible-ness.

Which is partially to blame for our sluggish start to Season Two.

Anyway, the first Feat of Strength video is short and sweet:

In case you missed the prizes, these are the results for the Savage, Lands bit:

and Season One big prize — Jace, the Mind Sculptor — went to Eric Yoshizuka

Jace, the Mind Sculptor winner, Eric Yoshizuka

Well, enough about yesterday! Let’s get going with the next stage!


  • One suggestion RE: something you are good at “with visual aid”, or
  • Five suggestions in a list (I am going to follow up on mine in blog post form)

… Either way, 15 #FloresRewards

You have until November 15, 2010 to accomplish this mission. Oh, who am I kidding with that deadline?

How you can TopDeck three #FloresRewards RIGHT NOW:

  1. Share and Enjoy – to Facebook (1)
  2. Share and Enjoy – to Twitter (1)
  3. “Like” the video on Facebook (1)

Up next… What that picture means, part 1.


Savage, Lands

At the beginning of this Feat’s video, I walk you through the Double Nickel.

The Double Nickel is a savage cheat. It is an innocuous-looking table shuffle “technique” that will perfectly distribute your deck. I wrote about it in the influential How to Cheat over on the other blog… But I thought it might be practical to show you how someone might go about doing this technique.

Just something to remember:

  • The rules ask you to make a good faith attempt to randomize your deck.
  • “Table shuffling” is not shuffling – As you can see in the video, it doesn’t randomize your deck, but in the case of the Double Nickel, actually perfectly distributes your lands and spells. Is a perfectly distributed deck desirable? Well, you won’t be manascrewed. But on the other hand, if you do this, you will be scum. Savage, savage, scum.

Okay, what does that have to do with a #FloresRewards Feat of Strength?

As our wall against savagery, we are going to show our civilized selves!

For 15 #FloresRewards…

  1. Dress Up! Suit up against cheating!
  2. Holding a Piece of Bread! Any kind of bread counts; for example cupcakes!

Per usual, additional #FloresRewards or prizes may be given out for the best entries.

This week’s winner will receive a set (four copies of) one of the five Scars of Mirrodin dual lands; that is…

(There was some confusion around this already this AM (my fault of course!)… Each prize winner will get a set (four lands) of twenty total Scars of Mirrodin dual lands.)

The minimum points threshold for this week’s Feat of Strength is 67 #FloresRewards; though we may do both a drawing and a “best of” for prizes. So do your best!

The rest of the video is us checking out some Fauna Shaman and / or Baneslayer Angel winners, and the announcement of Bighead Joe, Joey Pasco, and Dexter Stevens as winners (which, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you already knew).

Don’t forget that at the end of the month, one lucky #FloresRewards participant will topdeck Jace, the Mind Sculptor!


Coming Soon!

Hey #FloresRewards fans!


Et ceteras!

We will have some new Feats of Strength, as well as prize announcements from the last two, this weekend. We might actually have some blog posts between now and then, too.

For example, responses to the community’s wonderful responses RE: What we should do to get people to visit the second awesomest blog on the Internets in-between Feats of Strength.

No, the irony of requesting help on how to drive more interest… and then not updating for a week… is not lost on me. Last week was just jam packed. With my set reviews at TCGPlayer I had a full extra article, plus I had to cram in testing for last weekend’s 5K. If you want to see what I was slaving over…

I’ll update my deck list stuff over on Five With Flores, but suffice it to say, I’ve had better Constructed events. Day Two was very depressing. I started off 4-0, with an array of should-have-been-a-feature-match matches in the first few rounds; Tim Landale in Round 2 and our own Thea Steele in Round 3.

I had a GGsLive feature match in Round 5, and basically never drew any spells. At least his pool was busted.

At 4-1 I lost again, which was miserable. I flooded out and lost to Cerebral Eruption. In the second, I was about 10 miles ahead but at 6 life. He played Cerebral Eruption again, and flipped my Wurm. Anything but that or my Sunblast Angel and I would have still been way ahead. But nope, the Wurm.

Both of them choked.

I finished 6-2 going the 4-0, 4-2, 6-2 route… and managed to finish out of the money.


The worst!

Anyway, here are some previews to this week’s Top Decks over at the Mother Ship. aka What I Did On My Weekend Vacation:

U/W Control with Pedro Quintero:

And speaking of Tim Landale…

Eldrazi Green with Tim Landale:

Like I said, we’ll update later in the week / this weekend. I really appreciate everyone’s feedback and supporting the site and project. If you need a Feat of Strength in the meantime, use the “Share and Enjoy” link below to share your favorite #FloresRewards blog post (for example this one) on Facebook (3 #FloresRewards).

Be back soon…


Hero of Fiction!

Remember yesterday when I warned you you might be scratching your head, wondering if I really am that crazy?

Well this week’s video will set you straight on that one, I think:


Free Fauna Shamans go out to DougP of DougP Goblins and my US Nationals roommate GRat.

What the!?!

I wish I could take credit for “fixing” the drawing, but those are the cats that the random number generator in Google Documents chose. Far be it for me to argue with the Google.

The rest of you can at least smile a gigantic grin that GRat has no hope of reclaiming his unconditional #1 lead in #FloresRewards, having been busted down to 0 with this admittedly miserly Fauna Shaman win. Two Fauna Shamans to each of these fine fellows.

Onto further business:

  • Please have your “Thank You” #FloresRewards entries in by September 30. The best entry wins four Fauna Shamans! Details can be found in this blog post.
  • Deadline for this week’s Feat of Strength is October 2.
  • 15 #FloresRewards for dressing up as your favorite hero of fiction (or books)
  • 10 #FloresRewards for taking a picture “with” your favorite hero of fiction (or books); a toy, next to a poster of that person, whatever all count for 10.
  • “Best” entry will get a special prize at the end of October. You know, the end of Season One. I anticipate it would be a 15 point dressup one, but if you accidentally run into Hugh Jackman or something, a 10 point #FloresRewards entry might end up best. Holy Celebrity Crushes Batman! … err… Wolverine.

We will be doing something super cool around Shake Shack and the TCGPlayer $5K next weekend. What I don’t know yet. It was BDM’s idea so we’ll probably flesh it out between now and Saturday, and update here on the blog, on Twitter, and so on before this weekend rolls around. Should be an awesome time!


  1. Get your “Thank You” entries in gear before the end of the week.
  2. Keep the ideas on new kinds of content coming in (ironically I liked GRat’s the best so far, and he just lost his #FloresRewards… bwahahahaha)
  3. I hope to see lots of you next weekend… But even if I don’t, let’s get those Hero of Fiction entries rolling in!


PS – Buy Deckade any and everywhere!

Original – Top8Magic.com
Kindle Edition – AMZN.TO/Deckade

You’re Welcome, Thank You, etc.

This week’s video is split up into three sections:

  1. You’re Welcome
  2. Thank You
  3. and “etc.”

In the first section, “You’re Welcome” I do lots of stuff that makes you say “You’re welcome, michaelj!”

For example, I give away a set of Baneslayer Angels!

As you know this week’s drawing allocates two Baneslayer Angels to a player with 25 or more #FloresRewards, and two more to a player with 41 or more #FloresRewards. Our winners this week are…

  • Ross Prajzner
  • Voltaire Abaya

Ross and Voltaire – You know what to do. Bust yourselves back down to 0 running #FloresRewards for now! I’ll hook up with you over Facebook or whatever to get shipping deets.

Next up, there is a matter of more #FloresRewards to give out.

This is concerning last week’s Celebrity Crushes Feat of Strength. Basically it was decided by myself, teen heartthrob Gavin Verhey, and Mrs. michaelj that we should move around some #FloresRewards. Some of the “real celebrity pic” Celebrity Crushes were really impressive! So even though anyone who put in for a “real” pic still gets their #FloresRewards, some people just get more.

  • R.A. Salvatore / Ed Greenwood – 3 bonus points
  • Bret Hart – 4 bonus points
  • Wil Wheaton – 5 bonus points
  • Sara Bareilles, Alessandra Ambrosio – 6 bonus points
  • Lisa Loeb, Al Franken – 7 bonus points

IN ADDITION, anyone and everyone who took the time and effort to make a “Brady Bunch” Celebrity Crushes picture… give yourself 13 additional #FloresRewards. Lucky Number 13!

The goal there was to bring Brady Bunch pics up to par with at least the lower tier of “real” pics. After all, they took more effort than some of the “real” ones.

More or less lots of #FloresRewards to go around.

In Part 2, “Thank You” we describe this week’s Feat of Strength.

Basically MAKE something that exhibits the emotion of gratitude and post a picture. My picture is going to be YT presenting a plate of peanut butter chocolate buckeyes I made. I am going to bring them to Movie Klub; I am very grateful I have a friend like Lan D. Ho who literally came to New York and transformed our weeks and social calendars with Movie Klub.

The “Thank You” doesn’t have to be food. It can be anything you make (I expect a fair number of thank you cards). The goal on this one is twofold:

  1. Every “Thank You” work gets 15 #FloresRewards
  2. The BEST one (as determined by some future criteria determined by me) gets a special prize.


We will draw for a play set of Fauna Shamans next week. Same as the Baneslayer Angels… the first two go to someone with 25 or more #FloresRewards and the next two go to someone at a higher tier (51).

IN ADDITION, to close out our first full month of #FloresRewards, the following week, THE BEST THANK YOU will get a full set (that is “four”) Fauna Shamans. There is no lower tier for this one. You can have 20 #FloresRewards (i.e. the bare minimum at 5 + 15) and win a full set of Fauna Shamans! Make ’em awesome.

The deadline for this Feat of Strength is September 30.

It’s possible I am missing something, but if I am, it is probably detailed in this lovely video:


Don’t forget to support Flores Rewards by shopping at http://TCGPlayer.com/FloresRewards 🙂

#FloresRewards – Celebrity Crush!

Celebrity Crushes crushes Physiology. Adjust your points totals at the Leaderboard as appropriate (Celebrity Crushes 2 #FloresRewards, Physiology only 1).

And on that subject…

Ladies and gents, your next Feat of Strength on the road to a free play set of Baneslayer Angels:

To be super clear:

  • Super boring / lame / easy pic – 10 #FloresRewards
  • Fun “Brady Bunch” style pic – 12 #FloresRewards
  • Actual celebrity pic – 25 #FloresRewards

We will draw for Baneslayer Angels this weekend!

  • Drawing Numero Uno – 25 #FloresRewards minimum
  • Drawing Numero Dos – 41 #FloresRewards minimum

Remember, winning sets you back to zero #FloresRewards (but not lifetime).

That’s about it!

Any questions… Put ’em in the comments.


#FloresRewards Spoilers

  • Spoiler! This week we join you from Madison Square Park, NYC for a Labor Day Weekend Feat of Strength!
  • If you want to participate in this week’s Feat of Strength, please have your picture posted to the Facebook group at http://bit.ly/FloresRewards by Friday, September 10, 2010. Same deal as last time-ish. But burgers and cheesesteaks (or whatever) instead of ice cream. 10 #FloresRewards for a picture, unless it is at Shake Shack (12), Pat’s King of Steaks (13), Malley’s (15), or Geno’s (9… LOL). I know GRat is coming up to New York (all the way from PA) for his Shake Shack pic!
  • Spoiler! We give away our first #FloresRewards, you know, reward. The lucky winner is — Spoiler! — Mitchell McCulloch, who used to have 20 #FloresRewards. The aforementioned reward came to us care of Jonathan Medina, aka @mtgmetagame Thanks Jonathan!We have since busted Mitchell back down to bagel.
  • Spoiler! We answer the promised five questions from #FloresRewards Facebook Failure. Spoilers! The lucky winners are:
    1. Thea Steele
    2. Dave M.
    3. Alex Balhatchet
    4. MortVK (Make sure to stay tuned for MortVK’s question especially – I do about the coolest thing I’ve ever done in this video.)
    5. Teen Heartthrob Gavin Verhey
  • Spoiler! We explain more about #FloresRewards and what you might mise / topdeck / win next week.Two Words: Baneslayer AngelFour copies. Probably.You will want to have 25 — at least — for next week.

Good citizens buy lots of Magic: The Gathering cards from our sponsor at http://TCGPlayer.com/FloresRewards

Repeat after me:
“Flores Made Me Do It!”


The Secret Origin of #FloresRewards

First Post!

Check out how you can get 10 #FloresRewards below:

This #FloresRewards Feat of Strength is available until September 5, 2010.

But you will have to join our Facebook page. Do so at: bit.ly/FloresRewards